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Achieving developmental milestones are essential to early educational success and transition to kindergarten.

Checklist and Sample Activities for Parents

  • Knows personal information
    Make up a silly song with the child’s and parent’s name, phone and address.
  • Counts to 10
    Include counting as part of the daily routine (count days in a week, months in a year, lunch count, and attendance).
  • Ability to separate from parents
    Plan play dates with like aged children and overnight stays with family or other responsible adults.
  • Follows directions
    Play “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and other learning games that ask children to follow directions, listen, and demonstrate self-control.
  • Attention span
    Engage in interactive activities or games to focus on listening, comprehension, e.g., “Simon Says.”
  • Hand coordination/fine motor skills
    Make safety scissors available and provide magazines and Play-Doh to cut. Practice how to hold a pencil and holding utensils.
  • Self-Care
    Practice dressing/undressing dolls and toys. Sing a song while child washes hands, brushes teeth.
  • Ability to Share
    Provide opportunities for the children to participate in simple, noncompetitive activities to encourage sharing, cooperating, and taking turns.
  • Ability to communicate needs
    Model asking who, what, where, when, why, and how questions to obtain information, seek help, or clarify something not understood.
  • Possesses a positive attitude toward school
    Talk positively about school. Draw pictures demonstrating school activities and interactions, and then retell the experience.
  • Ability to compare and describe objects and sounds in the environment
    Take children on a walk outside. When they return inside, allow children the opportunity to create a design that represents something they saw while on the walk by using natural materials collected, such as leaves, feathers, or pine cones.
  • Knows colors
    Play the “I Spy” game- “I spy with my little eye... something red.”

Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning and other specific guides were used to construct this checklist.