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Strategic Plan


Early Childhood Western Tidewater Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Goals: 2020-2023

Goal #1: Increase the availability of quality child-care.

  • Maximize the use of publicly funded slots for early childhood education including Head Start, Early Head Start, Virginia Preschool Initiative, and subsidized childcare.
  • Establish a process for coordinated enrollment agreements and processes and eliminate attendance barriers to increase the number of 3 & 4-year-old children engaged in center based early care and education.
  • Increase the application of consistent quality standards amongst and between all quality improvement networks such as Toddler Specialist Network, Child Care Aware, VPI, Head Start, Registered Family Home Day Providers, and Centers involved in Virginia Quality.

Goal #2:  Strengthen engagement of parents, licensed and unlicensed family home providers to increase kindergarten readiness of children not enrolled in center-based care.

  • Increase the knowledge, skills, and abilities of licensed family home providers and those voluntarily registered regarding quality early care and education.
  • Increase the engagement of parents and unlicensed family home day providers regarding kindergarten readiness. 

Goal #3:  Increase utilization of early childhood resources by creating innovative access points for the efficient delivery of services in community deserts. 

  • Identify types of goods and services both wanted and needed by parents as well as preferred means of service delivery.
  • Increase coordinated service delivery for families of young children in one community desert.

Goal #4: Develop and maintain a funded and sustainable model that leads early childhood systems building in Western Tidewater. 

  • Increase the capacity of the community to access state and federal funds to support a comprehensive early childhood system.
  • Increase staff capacity to convene, facilitate, collect/evaluate data and research best practices.
  • Develop a succession plan for Executive Leadership of ECWT.

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